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GFWC Leadership Education and Development Seminar (LEADS)

The GFWC LEADS program is intended to identify GFWC members at the grassroots level who have the potential and the desire to assume leadership positions in GFWC beyond their club. Participation in GFWC LEADS can help these members gain the capabilities, confidence and commitment necessary to pursue and achieve higher office and serve with distinction.

One applicant is chosen each year from each state to attend LEADS training. The LEADS training is held in conjunction with the GFWC Annual Convention.

If you or someone you know:

• Demonstrates leadership capabilities at the club level
• Exhibits a commitment to GFWC
• Exhibits an understanding of the GFWC mission
• Demonstrates leadership skills, including, but not limited to, organization, responsibility, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and flexibility
• Exhibits an interest in and willingness to pursue higher leadership positions in GFWC
• Agrees to share the information gained from participation in LEADS with others
• Understands and accepts potential expenses involved in participation
• Has not held elected positions at or beyond the state level
• Has not attended a previous LEADS session (members may attend only once)

then, you need to think about filling out the LEADS Application Form.

The next LEADS training is June 23, 2017 in Palm Desert, California. Applications need to be turned in by March 3, 2017 to GFWC of Montana President Joyce Hooper.

GFWC will cover a portion of the attendees' expenses, including:

• Round-trip travel to and from the GFWC Convention city up to $350
• One-half of room charge for two nights at official Convention hotel
• Breakfast and lunch during the LEADS program
• $10 Gift Certificate for the GFWC Annual Convention Marketplace

GFWC Montana will provide an additional $500 for expenses.