GFWC MT Eastern District Convention

May 1, 2021

May Day!

Members attended the GFWC of MT Eastern District Convention starting with a coffee time and stories of special events on May 1st. One story was about a middle school teacher who delivered treats to all 120 of her students on May 1st during COVID.

The meeting started with a special presentation to Florence Diede, GFWC of MT president. She was given two boxes before the Zoom meeting and opened the first one, a tiara, to wear during the meeting. Information about the accomplishments in Eastern District and the president’s project “Prevention of Suicide through Education” was presented. A video of the Arlee Warriors project to prevent suicide was shared with the members. At the end of her presentation, she was given a second box which contained a framed GFWC stamp. The presentations were made to honor her presidency during COVID and recognized her work.

The guest speakers told members about their Platinum Projects. They both told us that they had to take all AP and honors classes just to be part of the Platinum Project.

Elizabeth Berns talked about her “Hope Tree” Project. She is setting up a nook with tags and books. The tags are to have hope messages for people that need them and a place for people to write notes of hope. The notes are then attached to the hope tree. The nook will also have self-help books for children.

After Lizzie’s talk the district business meeting started. The meeting was paused to hear the second guest speaker, Olivia Tyrell.

Olivia Tyrrell talked about her project the “Importance of Language”. The topic is how interactively reading with young children affects their language development and future literacy skills. She is focusing on getting board books to parents and children stressing the importance of reading aloud to children.

The meeting finished with three minute reports from the club presidents and the GFWC Promotional video. It ended with the collect and “Let there be Peace on Earth.”

Scroll through the site to see pictures from our district meeting. Enjoy!

Eastern District Officers

Deb Willis – President

Nancy Bruce – President-Elect

Judy Senteney – Secretary

Marsha Price – Treasurer

Click Here: Eastern District By-Laws

Eastern District Club Presidents

GFWC Big Timber

Nancy Bruce

GFWC Billings Junior Woman’s Club

Deb Willis

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