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Autumn. 2019, Volume 56, Issue 5

Dates to Remember: Goal Met ,President’s message, Resolution, LEADS, Application Form, GFWC Great Initiatives, Project Report, Fall Board Meeting, Jenny Award, Writing Contest, Reporting Hints, Parliamentary Procedure, Soles for Souls, ESO, Photography Contest, Scholarship, Club News

Click Here: Summer 2019, Volume 56, Issue 4

Contents: Dates to Remember, All About Committees, President’s message, President’s Project Update, Photography Contest, Annual Report & Jewelry Sale, District Convention Reports, Federation Forest, Club News

Click Here: Volume 56, Issue 3

Contents: Dates to Remember, Gabrielle’s Story, From the President, President’s Project Update, Bag contents list, Protocol for flags and meetings, Arbor Day, Public Issues, Conventions, Club News

Click Here:  Volume 56, Issue 2

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, Membership, Seven Grand Initiatives, Board Meeting Report, President’s Project, ESO, Legislation, Jenny Award, Writing Contest, LEADS, LEADS Application, Photography Contest, Club News, Western States

Click Here: Autumn 2018, Volume 56, Issue 1

Contents: Dates to Remember, History of the Collect, From the President, International President Greeting, Call to Fall Meeting, Meeting Application, Call to WSR, Duffle bag list, Directory of Presidents, International Convention Report

Montana Woman 2016 -2018

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Summer 2018, Volume 55, Issue 8

Contents: Dates to Remember, Conservation challenge, From the President, Project Report, Convention report, Membership Awards, In Memorium, Friday Festivities, closing Ceremony

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Spring 2018 , Volume 55, Issue 7

Contents: Dates to Remember, Conservation challenge, From the President, Convention call, Officer candidates, Convention guest, International convention, Club news, LEADS

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Autumn 2017, Volume 55, Issue 6

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, How to Report, Membership Matters, A Conservation Challenge, WSR Conference Report, Club News, LEADS Application

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Summer 2017, Volume 55, Issue 5

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, Call to Western States Conference, Western States Registration,Official Call to GFWC Montana Fall Meeting, Convention Reports, Club News

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Spring 2017, Volume 55, Issue 4

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, Good of the Order, District Conventions, Club Houses, Club News, Opportunities

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Winter 2017, Volume 55, Issue 3

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, Project Reports, LEADS & Jenny Award, LEADS application, District Meetings, International Convention, Ronan turns 100!, GFWC Christmas, Club News

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Fall 2016, Volume 55, Issue 2

Contents: Dates to Remember, From the President, WSR Report, Fall Board Report, LEADS Application, Club News

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Autumn 2016, Volume 55 Issue 1

Contents: From the President, International President’s Message, Dates to Remember, Call to Fall Board Meeting, Registration Form, 2016 – 2018 Directory, Call to Western Convention, International Convention Report, Club News, Bylaws, Standing Rules.

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