GFWC MT Central District 2020-2022


Central District Officers

President – Bobbie Conrady

Vice-President – Kim Montag

Treasurer – Sandi Conrady

Secretary – Beth Campbell



Click Here: Central District By-Laws

Central District Club Presidents

GFWC Canton Valley Woman’s Club

Bonnie Berglind

GFWC Cascade Woman’s Club

Alice Fitzgerald

GFWC East Glacier Park Woman’s Club

Michelle Petersen

GFWC Fairfield Woman’s Club

Helen Music

GFWC Fort Benton Woman’s Club

Facebook – Click Here: GFWC Fort Benton Woman’s Club

Patty Paulsen

GFWC Helena Woman’s Club

Facebook – Click Here: GFWC Helena Woman’s Club

Terry Kockler

GFWC Scholarship Form pdf

GFWC Scholarship Form pdf


GFWC Madison Valley Woman’s Club

Read All About It: Ennis Volunteer named to top 100 in the nation, small town category

Website – Click Here: GFWC Madison Valley Woman’s Club

Cindy Quirk

GFWC Moore Woman’s Club

Dixie Hertel