Bitterroot Woman’s Club at the Western District Convention, May 4, Deer Lodge

GFWC MT Western District 2018 – 2020


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Western District Officers

Michele Furry, President

Margaret Storoy – President Elect
Linda Stephani – Secretary
Karen Gustavsen – Treasurer

Western District Club Presidents

GFWC Bitterroot Woman’s Club

Joyce Hooper

Facebook – Click Here: GFWC Bitterroot Woman’s Club

GFWC Deer Lodge Woman’s Club

Jacque Lavelle

GFWC Plains Woman’s Club

Facebook – Click Here: GFWC Plains Woman’s Club

Margaret Storoy

GFWC Polson Woman’s Club

Website – Click Here: GFWC Polson Club Website

Joyce Rogers

GFWC Ronan Woman’s Club

Joyce Rogers

GFWC Thompson Falls Woman’s Club

Facebook – Click Here: GFWC Thompson Falls Facebook

Renee Sieben

Woman’s Club of Missoula

Jennifer Lippy

GFWC MT President, Joyce Decunzo and GFWC MT Deer Lodge President, Jacque Lavelle
Members tour the Deer Lodge Clubhouse.
Auction items displayed at the Elks.
Meeting held at the Elks.
Jacque Lavelle talks about the historic Deer Lodge Clubhouse.