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Community Service Program Chairmen
Special Projects Chairmen
Advancement Area Chairmen


Standing Committees


Contests and Awards


Special Assignments

 Community Service Program Chairmen
2018 – 2020


Karen Hoyt  karenhoyt710@gmail.com


Phyllis Worrall jpworrall@hotmail.com


Margaret Storoy storoym@gmail.com

Home Life

Marsha Price  askmap@gmail.com

International Outreach

Ruth Carlstrom ruthc434@gmail.com

Public Issues

Vurnie Barnett vurniek@gmail.com

Special Projects Chairmen
2018 – 2020

GFWC Signature Project:
Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

Judy Senteney judysenteney@gmail.com

GFWC Juniors’ Special Project:
Advocates for Children

Linda Suckow lindalechef@gmail.com

Advancement Areas Chairmen
2018 – 2020

Communications and Public Relations

Nancy Hanford 4849nan@mtintouch.net

Fundraising and Development

Terry Kockler  tgkockler@gmail.com


Bonnie Conner  bonnieconner12@gmail.com


Florence Diede  fdiede@bresnan.net

Women’s History and Resource Center

Cheryl Martin cmartinmt@gmail.com

Legislative & Public Policy

Joyce Hooper  hooperj139@gmail.com

Standing Committees
2018 – 2020

Budget and Finance Committee

Adina Fox, Chairman  adinaf@ronan.net

Joyce DeCunzo, President, ex officio

Karen Gustavsen, Treasurer, ex officio

Kim Montag, Central District

Barbara Barrett, Eastern District

Bylaws Committee

Dixie Hertel, Chairman  jdhertel@itstriangle.com

Joyce Rogers, Western District

Vurnie Kaye Barnett, Central District

Jean Carroll Thompson, Eastern District

Nominations & Elections

Lorrie Hardy, Chairman  lorriehardy@gmail.com

Bobbie Conrady, Central District

Marsha Price, Eastern District

Jaqueline Lavelle, Western District


Lorrie Hardy, Chairman lorriehardy@gmail.com

Donna Albers, Central District

Bonnie Conner, Eastern District

Cathy McCormick, Western District

Contests and Awards
2018 – 2020

Community Improvement Award

Joyce DuCunzo  joycedecunzo2018@gmail.com

Jennie Award Chairman

Joyce Rogers  joycerogers.gfwc@gmail.com

Photography Contest Chairman

Jo Campbell  jocam724@gmail.com

Writing Contest Chairman

Marsha Baumeister sagemesa@msn.com

Special Assignments
2018 – 2020

Director of Music

Dixie Hertel  jdhertel@ttc-cmc.net


Marion Hertel


Gayle Carter  gecarter7@gmail.com

ESO Chairman

Bobbie Conrady  barbaraconrady@gmail.com


Bev Ferguson  beverlyinnd@gmail.com

Spiritual Values Chairman

Vurnie Kaye Barnett  vurniek@gmail.com

Montana Woman Managing Editor

Mary Lou Hermes pin3392@blackfoot.net

President’s Special Project:
Our Children, Our Future

Toni Scully  acscully406@gmail.com
Kim Montag  kmontag@3rivers.net